System Implementation

Implement new solutions successfully - Project Governance, Project Management and Change Management

Have you selected a preferred vendor and implementer? 

Worried about the risks, limited internal resources, lack experience and capabilities? 

Solution Minds can help you set-up, plan, manage and deliver your project successfully with our speciality client-side implementation services covering project governance, project management and change management.  

System Implementation Projects are not easy and many fail

61% of Enterprise Software projects take longer, 74% cost more and 67% fail to realise the expected business benefits.

The key reasons for failure are: erp risksSolution Minds services have been engineered to mitigate these risks

Planning and Scoping prior to Implementation increases your chances of success

Planning and Scoping is a critical phase immediately after Selection and before Implementation, where the preferred Implementer is engaged for 2-8 weeks on a services only contract to conduct detailed scoping with your SME’s/Users to understand standard system flows & functionality to confirm requirements, integrations, reports, etc.
The outcome of this is to develop a comprehensive, detailed and realistic project plan, obtain refined pricing, determine if the gaps and development costs are too high and give you more confidence in the capability of the Implementer’s consultants.

To find out more about this phase check out our Planning and Scoping guide.  

Do not become another statistic on the Road to ERP or Enterprise Software Success.

If these outcomes are important to you for your ERP or Enterprise Software implementation project:
  • Delivered on time and on budget;
  • Delivered to a high quality;
  • Delivery with business benefits realised; and
  • Satisfied stakeholders and users

Teaming with Solution Minds will increase your chances of success. We bring structure and experience.

We partner with your business to assist you manage the implementation, engage with your stakeholders and act as your independent and objective advisors. We have delivered over 135 Enterprise Software and Business Improvement projects since 2003, with a team of experienced consultants and a robust and proven methodology.

We provide the following four speciality services, which provide numerous benefits to our clients.

 Implementation Graphic

Let Us Guide you on the Road to ERP and Enterprise Software Success.