System Strategy

Strategic Review, System Roadmap and Business Case for Change


In our experience, it is important to conduct a strategic review if an organisation exhibits mutiple issues from the list below:

  • Business process, systems and/or people issues
  • Current state an inhibitor for achieving strategic business goals
  • Unclear vision of the future state
  • Uncertainly about all the improvement options and which align best with long-term goals
  • Multiple stakeholders with conflicting views
  • Difficulty prioritising projects
  • No Roadmap

Solution Minds helps organisations define their enterprise systems strategy by facilitating the following activities:

  • Define organisational and IT strategic vision for the next five years
  • Educate key client stakeholders about strategic technological trends and good practices
  • Assess the current portfolio of enterprise systems and how well they are supporting your business processes
  • Analyze current high-level processes and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Identify ways that new supporting technologies – such as mobile, business intelligence or SaaS systems – could support organisational objectives
  • Create a cost-benefit analysis for potential replacement systems, such as ERP, CRM, HCM, financials, supply chain management, manufacturing OHS, Document Management and other core enterprise systems
  • Develop a five-year roadmap for enterprise system implementation and benefits realisation
  • Define a change management strategy to support the roadmap

Key Benefits

  • Rapid analysis of process, system and people issues
  • Obtain executive consensus on options and recommendations
  • Improvement Roadmap aligned to strategic objectives