Business Process Improvement

Map, Analyse and Improve Business Processes

83% of Organisation believe that Business Process Mapping and Improvement is the key to achieving business success.

A study conducted by TNS global in 2015 that surveyed organisations from Australia, New Zealand and the US, found that organisations felt Business Process Mapping plays an important role in maintaining consistent and efficient performance.  

Conducting BPM&I before implementing a new system, increases your chance of success.

 BPM before Selection



>50% of Organisation do not have business processes mapped

In our experience, almost every organisation considering selecting and implementing a new Enterprise Software solution wants to take the opportunity to improve their operational and support processes as part of the change initiative, rather than simply opting for a like for like system upgrade.

The reasons why organisations seem to skip mapping of processes are:

  • A Lack of Resources to map the process intitially
  • A Lack of Time
  • A Lack of Consistency of processes within the organisation making mapping process more complex

We can help make this easier for you, with our dedicated and experienced consultants and time saving Business Mapping tool (IBM Blueworks Live) and proven methodology.

Find out more about Business Process Mapping here and our Business Process Mapping Tool.

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